Saturday, May 18, 2013

How to run a command against multiple servers

Steps to run a CMD command against multiple servers using PsExec.exe

Copy PsExec.exe from the package to a directory.
>Create a Text file Server.txt in the same folder.
>Add the list of servers to the Text file. ( Make sure all the servers are from the same domain and this procedure is being performed from a server in the same domain).
>Open an elevated command prompt.
>Change the directory to where the PsExec.exe and the text file is located.
>Run the command in below format

              PsExec.exe @Server.txt <CMD you want to execute>


  • To check IP configuration for all the servers in the list and also capture the output in a text file Result.txt

PsExec.exe @Server.txt ipconfig > Result.txt

  • To change time zone in all the servers to UTC

PsExec.exe @Server.txt tzutil /s “UTC”

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