Saturday, May 18, 2013

Important Windows Networking CMDs

Windows Networking
1. To quickly reset your NIC back to DHCP with no manual settings, run this command:
   netsh int ip reset all

2. To quickly generate a text summary of your system, run this command:
   systeminfo | more

3. To see all network connections your client has open, run this command:
    net use

4. To see your routing table, run either of these commands:
    route print
    netstat -r

5. Need to run a trace, but don’t have Netmon or Wireshark, and aren’t allowed to install either one? Run this command:
   netsh trace start capture=yes tracefile=c:\capture.etl
   netsh trace stop

6. To quickly open a port on the firewall, run this command, changing the name, protocol, and port to suit. This example opens syslog:
   netsh firewall set portopening udp 161 syslog enable all

7. To add an entry to your routing table that will be permanent, run the route add command with the –p option. Omitting that, the entry will be lost at next reboot:
    route add mask –p

8. Here’s a simple way to see all open network connections, refreshing every second:
    netstat –ano 1

9. You can add a | findstr value to watch for only a specific connection, like a client ip.addr or port:
    netstat –ano | findstr

10. You can use the shutdown to shutdown or reboot a machine, including your own, in a simple scheduled task like this:
     shutdown –r –t 0 –m \\localhost

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